Fun fact? A garage makes up about 15% of your home. A not so fun fact? Garages are the most underutilized area of the home. 

For many homeowners, the garage has morphed into a giant, frustrating junk drawer, crammed with random items and unorganized clutter. We understand just how overwhelming a chaotic garage can be because we’ve seen the stress it brings first hand. After a decade of organizing thousands of garages, finding a way to beat these stressors for good has always remained at the forefront of our minds. 

In 2011, this mission led us to join forces to combine our industry connections and expertise under one roof: Improve My Garage. Armed with years of unique, hands-on garage organizational experience, Improve My Garage is now bringing these life-changing systems across the southeast to help homeowners to improve their garage and reclaim their space. 

Our goal is to empower you to take back control of your garage from the chaos and clutter that has invaded your life. We’re not here to sell you products that are a temporary fix to a deeper problem. When you partner with Improve My Garage, you’ll have a team that works to fully understand your unique needs and creates effective, functional, and affordable solutions. We have the knowledge, expertise, and the access to top-tier products that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Don’t let the chaos and clutter rule your life for another day. Contact Improve My Garage today to schedule your free consultation and get started on your journey to the functional, organized life you deserve.