With Our Innovative Slatwalls You Can:
  • Elevate Aesthetics & Functionality
  • Reclaim Valuable Floor & Shelf Space
  • Stop Digging Through the Mess for What You Need


Engineered to Endure

Built to support up to 100lbs per sqft, our slatwalls are the sturdiest on the market and backed with a lifetime warranty.

Fully Customizable

Create a system that perfectly matches your style with an array of colors, endless options for custom sizing, and a variety of hooks, shelves, and more.


Skip the hassle and disappointment of DIY. Our experienced installation team handles the work so you can rest easy with a job done right.



Want easy access to your tools or equipment? Our sleek, durable slatwall panels can hold up to 100 lbs per square foot and come in 6 different color options! Easily coordinate your walls with your flooring or cabinets for a seamless look that’s uniquely you.

  • Panels hold 100 lbs per square foot
  • Waterproof and highly resistant to mold and mildew
  • Hooks attach securely with our locking button


If you want to optimize your workspace, our slatwall system is the perfect addition. Keep your workspace clutter-free with a variety of hooks, baskets, and more!

  • Instantly reach for tools or supplies
  • Keep your workspace clutter-free
  • Maximize your efficiency


Hose & Cord Holder

The practical fix for tangled messes. Keep cords in line effortlessly. No more wrestling with hoses! These holders ensure easy access and tidy spaces. Simplify your outdoor tasks with these functional holders, making your life hassle-free and your tools ready for action. 

Horizontal Utility Arms

Our durable utility arm is designed to keep your items off the ground, neatly stored and easily accessible. Perfect for your larger equipment, it’s your versatile answer to decluttering your garage.

Fishing Rod Holders

Streamline your fishing gear setup. Crafted for functionality, this holder keeps your rods securely in place, preventing tangles and ensuring easy access. Durable and straightforward, it’s the perfect addition to your fishing routine, keeping your gear organized and ready for your next adventure.

Shoe Shelves

Redefine your footwear organization. Crafted for efficiency, these shelves provide a clear view of your shoes, making selection a breeze. Optimize your closet space and ensure a neat & accessible home for your footwear collection. Step into organized living!

Paper Towel Holders

Engineered for simplicity, these holders keep your paper towels easily accessible. Ensure a clutter-free countertop and efficient cleanup.

Bike Hooks

Optimize your storage space by hanging bikes neatly with our durable hooks, providing a practical and space-saving solution for bike enthusiasts. These hooks clear up floor space, giving your bikes a cozy spot on the wall. They’re practical and durable, with no more cluttered spaces, just easy access to your biking adventures. 

Bike Racks

Designed for practicality, these racks clear floor space, providing a secure spot on the wall for your bikes. Simplify your storage and make grabbing your bike for a ride quick and hassle-free.

Mini Baskets

The perfect solution to keep your tiny essentials in order. From craft supplies to kitchen gadgets, these compact baskets ensure everything has its place.

Medium Baskets

Perfect for categorizing your essentials, these medium baskets clear your space and make every task a breeze. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficiency!

Large Baskets

For those with big storage needs, our large wire baskets are the ultimate solution. These roomy baskets can handle it all, from bulky items to household essentials. Keep your space organized and clutter-free!

Small Tool Racks

These racks are designed for practicality, offering a tidy solution for small tools. Optimize your workspace and ensure that every tool has its place, readily accessible for any task.

Screwdriver Racks

Designed for efficiency, these racks keep your screwdrivers in clear view and within reach. Upgrade your workspace with quick and easy access to the right tool for the job.

Magnetic Tool Bars

Crafted for convenience, these bars securely hold your metal tools, keeping them organized and within arm’s reach. They offer a practical solution for decluttering your workspace, making your tools ready-to-grab.

Ball Bags

Keep your sports equipment organized with our durable ball bags, designed to store and transport your equipment securely and with ease.

Gear Bags

Sturdy and roomy, these bags are essential to staying organized. Durable and straightforward, they’re ready to handle your essentials with ease, making every trip, game, or practice a seamless experience.

Snap Hooks

Our versatile Snap Hooks come in 1″, 2″, 4″, and 8″ sizes to accommodate your tools and keep them accessible. Whether it’s a small wrench or a large paint brush, these hooks have you covered. Declutter your workspace and keep your tools within reach!

Single Hooks

Our Single Hook is designed to hold everyday essentials like brooms, mops, and more. Keep your space tidy and your tools easily accessible with this sturdy 4″ hook.

Double Hooks

Double the convenience, with our sturdy Double Hooks built to hold your larger tools like shovels and rakes. Maximize your space and keep your garage clutter-free with our versatile Double Hooks.

J Hooks

Our J Hooks are designed to support heavy items with security and style. Keep your garage organized and your equipment accessible with these robust 6″ hooks.

Narrow Hooks

Keep your equipment organized and ready for your next adventure with these sleek and reliable hooks. Get your gear organized effortlessly with our 6″ Narrow Locking Hooks?


Give your garage some character with a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.








The information is immediately sent to one of our team members, who will attempt to get a hold of you as soon as possible. We’ll try to set up a time to meet in person or answer any questions you may have. If we can’t reach you after a few tries, we won’t keep bugging you. Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible.


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Craig F.

Salesman was informative, didn't try to sell something I didn't need, listened to what I wanted.

-Craig F.

Anthony S.

Outstanding and very professional salesman and installer. Highly recommended!

-Anthony S.

Rhonda H.

So pleased with our garage cabinets and apoxy flooring. The whole process was easy, fast, and professional. Highly recommend!

-Rhonda H.

Anke R.

Great company! They were quick, on time, super nice, and left me with an awesome looking garage floor.

-Anke R.

Reginald H.

The worker did an outstanding job with the installation and ensure I was satisfied with how they installed the system.

-Reginald H.

Brandon B.

I have used Phil and his team on 2 different occasions now and have been throughly impressed. Great quality, on time, fair pricing.

-Brandon B.

O’Neil S.

All I can say is outstanding. Garage floor has been done for 10 years now and still looks absolutely beautiful.

-O’Neil S.

Bernie C.

Shane was most professional and courteous.

-Bernie C.




With your Free Consultation, our expert designers will determine your goals, analyze your space, and provide you with an accurate cost estimate up front - no surprise charges or hidden fees.



You’ll receive a customized, 3D mockup of your garage implemented with our storage systems, so you’ll be able to see the final product before we even start. After your approval, we’ll schedule your installation at your earliest convenience.



Embrace the remarkable change of your newly transformed garage and enjoy the ease of finding your belongings in a functional, clutter-free space. Feel the pride and joy in your garage that you deserve.