Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, the Midlands region embodies a harmonious fusion of urban vibrancy and Southern charm. Centered around Columbia, the capital city, this diverse area comprises various communities, each radiating its distinct character. From Lexington, Irmo, and Chapin’s historical allure to Orangeburg and Sumter’s cultural richness, the Midlands offer a dynamic spectrum of experiences. Blythewood, Forest Acres, Elgin, Camden, and Gaston stand as tranquil counterpoints to the lively urban atmosphere. Against a backdrop of deep-rooted history, thriving arts, and a vibrant local scene, the Midlands encapsulate the warm hospitality that defines the Palmetto State.

Local Landmarks

University of South Carolina:

  • A cornerstone of higher education, the University of South Carolina’s historic campus and cultural impact is pivotal to the intellectual landscape of the Midlands.

South Carolina State House:

  • Standing as a regal symbol of state governance, the South Carolina State House’s architecture and dome dominate the skyline, embodying Columbia’s historical essence.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden:

  • A regional gem, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is filled with captivating exhibits and lush landscapes, enchanting visitors of all ages.

Lake Murray:

  • Lake Murray’s expansive waters and recreational offerings create an idyllic backdrop, reflecting natural beauty and attracting residents and tourists alike seeking leisure.

EdVenture Children’s Museum:

  • As the largest children’s museum in the Southeast, EdVenture offers hands-on educational exhibits and interactive learning experiences.